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The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage Therapy

21 October 2019 - Uncategorized

A professional massage therapist will be well educated on several different types of massage. This allows them to meet a larger clientele and provide more services. When deciding on a massage therapist, discuss what issues you are having and ask what services they provide that can help you. All massage therapists may not offer all of the same massage services. Ask the massage therapist what style of massage they use and discuss any expectations. Depending on multiple factors, an integrated physical medicine practice may be able to customize a massage for you to help you reach your goals.


There are four main types of massage styles. These are Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and trigger point. Swedish massage is known for using gentle massage techniques, including long strokes and kneading. Deep massage uses a slower approach to your muscles and is typically used to target deeper layers of muscle. Sports massage is specifically designed for those who play sports or who have experienced a sports related injury. An integrated physical medicine practice can provide natural injury recovery relief.


Therapeutic massage therapy has many different benefits relating to the health and wellness of an individual. It is becoming more common that therapeutic massage is being offered alongside standard treatment to help improve the recovery process or to help treat specific conditions, as it provides healing without surgery. Listed down below are a few of the many benefits that therapeutic massage can provide.


Helps to Reduce Stress


When our bodies are experiencing high levels of stress, we produce the hormone cortisol. Cortisol can contribute to issues regarding weight, sleep, and digestion. Massage therapy allows the body to relax, helping to reduce the amount of cortisol being produced. When you come out of a massage, you may be left feeling with an improved mood and increased energy. Over an extended period of time, massage therapy sessions can help with your emotional wellbeing by providing you a space to relax.


Promotes Muscle Relaxation


An integrated physical medicine practice can help to promote muscle relaxation with the use of massage therapy. Massage therapy is a dedicated practice with a focus on targeting areas of the body that feel tense or painful. By targeting specific muscles, massage therapy allows these areas to relax and promotes flexibility and minimizes swelling in the muscles and joints.


Aids in Proper Blood Circulation


Regular massage therapy provided by an integrated physical medicine practice can improve your blood circulation. Massage therapy allows your muscles to receive proper blood flow by releasing tension, which also helps to promote healing. The techniques that massage therapists are trained to allow the body to engage in proper lymphatic drainage. This is because your massage therapist can target specific areas in your body that may be more congested with lactic acid than others. This helps to improve circulation and your body’s overall health.


Why You Should Get a Professional Massage


Massage therapy is one of the leading forms of wellness care. An integrated physical medicine practice can provide many benefits to the average person. Over ninety-percent of people surveyed after a massage stated that their pain had been reduced. Massage therapy has become popular alongside traditional treatment options as it provides relaxation and aids in proper blood circulation, promoting a healthier body and mind.