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Unconventional Ways Of Caring For Your Body

2 October 2019 - General, Treatments

Back pains and body aches have become a part of our daily lives and pharmaceutical medications have always been our go-to for quick relief. However, in the past decade, individuals have discovered that there are more natural ways of healing. With people around the world continuously looking for better and more natural ways of caring for our bodies, physicians have learned that our natural resources can help maintain our health and aid in our bodies mechanical methods of mending itself. Wellness care through non-surgical techniques has become the future of pure healthcare and natural therapies.

Our backs are the most neglected part of our entire body, and we don’t even realize to what degree. The “BackBone” of our skeletal structure is quite literally just that, our spine; aka backbone. Without this simple but yet complex arrangement of vertebrae, we would not be able to get up off the floor. These thirty-three tiny bones stack one on top of the other, creating a tower of a winding staircase that supports the very structure of our existence.

They are able to pivot upon each other allowing us to bend, twist, and turn with flexibility; but unfortunately can slip out of place faster than a calf on branding day. Our vertebrae are cushioned by “Discs” that give us the ability to jump without fracturing these small bony processes but do wear down over time just like your seat cushion or a pair of shoes. Once worn down, this allows for one or multiple vertebrae to slide out of position causing large amounts of pain. There are physicians called Chiropractors with specific offices around our local areas that specialize in non-surgical techniques and manipulating the spine.

All over the world there are over one million chiropractic adjustments given every day. When going to a chiropractic clinic, you will fill out a questionnaire explaining your issues and X-rayed so they can see what exactly is going on; as well as discuss your options for treatment. Then these chiropractors will begin slowly relaxing your back muscles and adjusting your spine back into its original position. Additionally, they may suggest other drug free healing options to add to your treatment to aid in your bodies natural healing process.

Acupuncture and massage therapy are two other types of non-surgical techniques that provide a natural pain relief without all the over-the-counter medications. Surprisingly, more and more individuals rely on weekly appointments for one or the other; sometimes even both just to regain their posture and feel less tension throughout their bodies. Both types of therapies also allow for people to regain strength, coordination, and the ability to move throughout their day pain free. Now that we know about them, let’s talk about what the differences are between the two types of non-surgical techniques.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese practice that explains the technique for balancing our flow of energy, also known as chi(chee), by way of inserting a very tiny needle in very strategic points. Because these needles are being inserted at specific points along meridians, practitioners believe it will rebalance your energy. However, western culture doctors believe that these needles are stimulating nerves, muscle, and connective tissue which boosts your bodies natural painkillers. Whatever your beliefs, this non-surgical technique has helped many people walk pain free for a period of time.

Massage therapy has become more of a luxury than a necessity to most, but in reality, this can be quite painful in the beginning if your back is out of whack. By having a therapist “Work Out” the tension in your muscles releases constricted blood flow allowing oxygen to reach every aspect more quickly. Tension is caused by constricted blood vessels not allowing appropriate amounts of nutrients, enzymes, and oxygen flow through them. Once those kinks are worked out, your body will begin receiving adequate sources of nutrients and will begin the healing process needed.


Taking care of ourselves is not a punishment, it’s our duty to appreciate our machines and what they do for us.