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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Can Acupuncture Give You Pain Relief?

Living with pain is something that no one should endure. When you live with pain in your back or in another part of your body, you wake up every day not knowing whether it’s going to be a good day or a bad day. Your pain decides what kind of day you have and what kind of life you live. You shouldn’t have to tolerate that. There are many ways to achieve natural pain relief. Find out what acupuncture can do to relieve your pain.

What Can Acupuncture Do for Pain?

Acupuncture is a truly ancient practice that comes from the eastern part of the world. It’s not a treatment that has really been accepted by western medicine but for centuries, it has been used to bring pain relief. Anything that’s been around for hundreds of years must be effective right? Many people have discovered the value of Eastern medicine and learned that some of the most ancient healing techniques are actually the most effective. After all, there’s some reason that medical treatments continue to be practiced for centuries, right? If people are still taking the time to learn how to perform acupuncture, it’s because there’s a good reason for them to know how to do it.

Most people have some idea of what acupuncture is. Through this procedure, an acupuncturist will insert long, slender needles into various areas of your body. Those who believe in acupuncture say that the needles stimulate certain pressure points to allow blood and energy to flow unimpeded throughout the body. The needles are said to stimulate the natural painkillers in the body.

Acupuncture has been used to teat all sorts of chronic pain problems. This includes lower back pain, neck pain, joint paint, even headaches. Studies have also shown acupuncture to be effective in treating a number of other conditions in the body. These include blood pressure problems, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatic, dental pain, and stomach ulcers. One of the most common reasons for missed work is back pain. The second-most-common reason for visits to the doctor’s office is back pain, in fact. Acupuncture can relieve that pain and help you feel much better, more mobile, and happier overall.

What to Expect From Acupuncture

Acupuncture looks a whole lot scarier than it is. The idea of having needles inserted into the body frightens people but those who have had the procedure say they don’t really feel the needles. There are very few side effects associated with acupuncture. This is a huge difference from taking medications, which often have a laundry list of side effects included.

During the procedure, you will lie down or sit in a reclining position. The acupuncturist will advise you to relax and breathe slowly as the needles are inserted. Usually, you will remain in this comfortable position for several minutes to a half-hour after the needles have been inserted and continue to stay in a very relaxed state. In addition to using acupuncture to relieve chronic pain, you can use it for natural injury recovery. Acupuncture is considered to be a type of non-surgical technique that taps into your body’s own power to provide pain relief and wellness care.

Finding the Right Acupuncturist

Because acupuncture is not a traditional medical procedure, just about anyone can practice acupuncture and charge money for it. While this treatment is relatively harmless, there are safety considerations to think about. You want an acupuncturist who uses clean, sterilized needles. You want someone who knows how deeply needles can be inserted. Needles that go into your body too deeply can actually puncture your internal organs.

However, there are ways to find a licensed acupuncturist. The National Certification Commission in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine maintains a database of licensed practitioners. Once you find someone qualified to practice acupuncture, you can schedule your first appointment and start your journey toward pain relief.

Try acupuncture to relieve pain anywhere in your body. Even if all you get out of it is some time relaxing, that can e an effective way to reduce your pain. Stress and tension make everything work, even chronic pain. Letting go of some of that, even a little, can help you get the relief you need.