July 25, 2016





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We are all about helping you get better, naturally

Valleyview Injury + Physical Medicine is an integrative medical practice specializing in natural injury and accident recovery through Joint Care, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, and Massage Therapies. You never need a referral to see us, consultations are always free and you can get same-day care. Call us at (503) 489-1998 weekdays before 7:00 pm or fill out the contact form below.

(503) 489-1998

If you need a Chiropractor for injury recovery, you came to the right place. We specialize in helping you recover from pain after an accident or injury.


The chiropractors at Valleyview Injury + Physical Medicine serving the Gresham and Portland area are highly-trained and skilled in the science and application of chiropractic adjustment and joint manipulation. No other medical profession has more training in adjustment/joint manipulation than a chiropractor, and our ability to diagnose joint dysfunction and apply specific corrective techniques to restore normal function is second to none. 

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries from auto accidents and work related accidents. This includes treatment for whiplash, neck pain, back pain or disc pain, and other extremity conditions (TMD/TMJ, shoulder, elbow/wrist, hip, knee and ankle pain). In addition to joint manipulation, our chiropractors have received numerous hours of training in the latest treatment and diagnostic techniques. We provide both traditional hands-on manipulation as well as instrument-based Arthrostim™ adjustments for gentle and effective relief. Our goal is to help you relax, recover and restore your health through a range of techniques. Our care is gentle, effective and evidence-based to help you recover from your accident or injury and give you the pain relief you deserve.

What sets our chiropractic physicians apart is our ability to address the cause of your problems, not only your symptoms. We regularly consult with other medical professionals, such as MDs, neurologists, and orthopaedic surgeons when necessary. We can also order any imaging tests or give referrals to other specialists when necessary.

At Valleyview Injury + Physical Medicine, our chiropractors spend quality time with all of our patients and genuinely care about making you feel better. Come find your chiropractor at Valleyview Injury + Physical Medicine.

As a leader in non-surgical injury and wellness care, Valleyview Injury + Physical Medicine looks forward to helping you and your family recover from pain and get back to an active lifestyle. Call us today at (503) 489-1998 or fill out the brief contact form below to start feeling better today!

How Long is Treatment?

Chiropractic care starts with a consultation session before treatment to discuss your needs and develop a treatment plan. This session can last around an hour including initial treatment. Follow up care is generally shorter, lasting around 15-20 minutes depending on treatments needed. The total length of your treatment plan will vary depending on the severity of your condition and how long you have suffered. Contact us and we can discuss how long your treatment plan may last.

When Will I Feel Better?

Great question. The answer is very personalized to your condition. Some patients report feeling better immediately after a session. Sometimes it may take several sessions before you start truly feeling better as your body gently adjusts to optimum alignment and the supporting muscles relax. Our goal is get you feeling better, functioning at a higher level and helping restore your health as soon as possible.

People Say Nice Things

“Wow these guys were great! My regular doctor referred me to them after I got in a car accident and kept having neck pain. I had never been to a chiropractor before so I was a little nervous about what to expect. They were super friendly and helped me feel great again!” ~Sarah P.

Who Covers Care?

The great news is that 100% of auto accident and workers compensation insurances cover chiropractic care. Our care is covered by Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Healthnet, Mode, Regence, Lifewise, Employees Trust, Painter Trust, and United Health Care. For those without coverage, We partner with ChiroHealthUSA to assist in the affordable options for your care

Apply at ChirohealthUSA

You, Naturally Better

100% of auto and workers compensation insurance cover Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage.

No referral necessary.

 We can refer you for x-rays, MRIs and other tests that you may need.

We can even refer you to trusted specialists and ethical, experienced attorneys if necessary.